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With increasing deductible and out of pocket costs some patients are choosing to not have insurance, not choose to use their insurance and pay out of pocket. We have seen this in the Dental industry for years and now is present in all other sectors of health care. That is why we offer special out of pocket (cash) options for patients to increase efficiency, save time and increase patient satisfaction.

SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS offered for the below services: Monday- Friday

Ingrown Nail Procedure-$299

Do you have an infected or painful ingrown nail? This painless 10 min office procedure will resolve this problem for good. The price includes the initial visit, procedure, and dressing supplies to assistin the success of healing.

Custom Orthotics-$399

Do you have aching feet, misalignment or chronic foot pain? Properly made custom orthotics have been

used for years to resolve chronic pain, improve activity and reduce days off work. With 3D scanning technology 

Dr Martins will create the perfect support your personally need. The price includes, initial exam, full

biomechanical examination, custom made orthotics, and 1 follow up visit for modifications if needed.

Injection Therapy-$199

Do you have heel pain, neuroma or joint pain that is affecting your activities? Injection therapy with

dexamethasone sodium phosphate, triamcinolone acetonide ( kenalog) or betamethasone sodium

phosphate have helped for years to stop the pain and help with treatment of your condition. The price

includes, initial exam, xrays (1 foot/ 3 views) if needed and a single injection to the affected area.

Medical Pedicure- $50

A Pedicure customized for your needs using medical grade instruments. This pedicure includes shaping, filing and buffing of the nails along with callus maintenance and a moisturizing treatment.

Deluxe Medical Pedicure- $60 

A Medical Pedicure with the added luxury of having your feet pampered with warm towels and Paraffin wax, followed by a gentle foot massage and polish if desired.

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