Peripheral neuropathy is the most common factor leading to amputation in people with diabetes. In diabetes, peripheral neuropathy is an automically diffuse process affecting sensory and autonomic nerve fibers. Symptoms typically begin in the toes and advances towards the feet and ankles. This loss of protective sensation (LOPS) does not allow people to feel minor trauma from pressure, thermal (heat/cold) or chemical sources. When foot ulcers or sores are present, the LOPS inhibits healing of the wound.

Foot Examinations


Peripheral neuropathy with LOPS is a localized illness of the feet. Foot examinations for these patient's are necessary to allow for early intervention in serious complications like ulcerations, hospitalzation and amputation. Most insurances, including Medicare cover evaluation and treatment of the feet every 6 months.

Diabetic Foot Treatments


Most diabetic foot and ankle conditions can be treated without the need of surgery; however,when surgery is needed choose a BOARD CERTIFIED PHYSICIAN IN REARFOOT AND ANKLE RECONSTRUCTION with a additional Board Certification in DIABETIC LIMB SALVAGE AND PREVENTION. Know what and when a treatment is necessary or recommened. Here are the foot and ankle clinic the patient-physician relationship is built with integraty and experience.

What will be included:


  • Risk Assessement

  • Monofilament for self examination

  • Detailed Examination

  • Written report on preventative medicine

  • Therapeutic Shoe Program evaulation

  • Discuss Management Plan 

  • One-on-One treatment with Board Certified Podiatrist

  • Routine Care- nails/ callus care

  • Patient Education

  • Will be eligable for same day emergent visits



Utilizing the most advance and conservative therapy we provide our patient cost effective and success treatment options to heal diabetic ulcerations. Understanding ulcerations have multiple etiology we work closely with your primary care provider to address blood glucose, HGA1C reduction, nutrition and more to help both inside and out from quick closure of the wound. We call this method E2BM (Experience/Evident Base Medicine). Our protocols have successful treatment many patients to treating these hard to heal ulcerations. Further, each and every visit is with a Board Certified in Diabetic Limb Salvage and Prevention. 

Diabetic Shoe Program


Medicare Part B and most insurances covers one pair of therapeutic shoes, inserts  and the fitting each once per calendar year. Patient are given a risk assessment and if eligible fitted by our trained shoe fitter. 


Who's eligible?


All people with Medicare who have diabetes and severe diabetic foot disease are covered. Patient must have certain risks before grant diabetic shoes. We have many brand and styles of shoes to choose from. Schedule an appointment to see if you or a family member qualify.

Our Diabetic patients are granted special treatment with:


Same day treatment for 

  • Ulcerations

  • Ingrown nails

  • Infections

  • Bleeding

  • Trauma

  • Burns

  • Frost Bite


We offer our patients treatment options besides going to the Emergency room.

Diabetic Limb Salvage and Reconstruction


Improved technique and technology has allowed accurate and alternative treatments in wound healing and diabetic foot salvage. Its not just saving a leg but saving ones life. Research shows that a patient with one leg amputated has a 41% chance of death in 1 year and 68% chance in 5 years. Further diabetics have a 15 times higher chance of a amputation. We beleive in the "Save a Leg, Save a life" philosophy.




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